Dante Training at NAMM Show 2017 - Anaheim, CA

Jan 20 – Jan 21, 2017


On both Friday, January 20th and Saturday, January 21st, Audinate offered free Dante™ training and certification at NAMM 2017. Attended by over 300 people over two days,  these training courses spanned a wide array of expertise, from beginner to intermediate to advanced Dante users.

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First Steps with Digital Audio Networking
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  Bernie Farkus (Audinate)
Patrick Killianey (Yamaha Commercial Audio)
Dante Certification Program - Level 1
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  Bernie Farkus (Audinate)
Dante Certification Program - Level 2
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  Bernie Farkus (Audinate)

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Date: January 20th & 21st, 2016 Earn 4 InfoComm CTS RU Credits

First Steps With Digital Audio Networking
Jan 20 & 21: 8:30 - 10 am

Dante Certification Level 1
Jan 20 & 21: 10:30 am - noon

Dante Certification Level 2
Jan 20  & 21: 1:30 - 5 pm

Cost: Free (registration required)

Hilton Anaheim, 4th Floor
Laguna Room
777 Convention Way
Anaheim, CA 928027

First Steps With Digital Audio Networking

This 90-minute course is recommended for those people who are brand new to audio networking or who are unsure if they should delve into a full Dante Certification course. This course will useful for individuals whose audio experience has primarily been with analog hardware and/or computer-based consumer/prosumer audio applications using USB, Firewire, and/or Thunderbolt interfaces.

Attending this session will provide an understanding of digital audio, Dante audio networking and it’s use and real world applications in today’s audio systems

Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Digital Audio Becomes Reality
  • Computers Enter the Music Industry
  • Audio Networking History
  • Present Day Digital Audio Technology
  • Real World Application 1: Bar Band – Part Time “Weekend Warriors”
  • Real World Application 2: Home/Project Studio
  • Real World Application 3: House of Worship
  • Q&A

Dante Level 1 Training

This 90-minute course is part of the full Dante Certification Program, a multi-level training program offered by Audinate. It is designed to provide a useful background in audio networking for audio professionals, and does not assume any previous background in computer networking.

Level 1 is an introductory course for users who are new to networking. This session provides a foundation in audio and networking concepts and may be all that is required to assemble and operate a small, stand-alone Dante audio system. To complete Level 1 Certification, an online test must be passed after completing this course.

Course Topics

  • What is Dante?
  • Digital audio basics: a review of fundamentals as they related to networked audio.
  • IP Networking basics: a high level look at basic networking.
  • Using Dante: using the Dante Controller to connect and manage devices on a Dante network.
  • Dante Controller Basics
  • Dante Virtual Soundcard

Dante Level 2 Training

This 3-hour course is part of the full Dante Certification Program, a multi-level training program offered by Audinate. It is designed for intermediate to advanced Dante users, and should only be taken once Level 1 has been completed. To complete Level 2 Certification, you must pass an in-person skills test and an online test.

Course Topics

  • Dante Controller - Configuration and Diagnostics Tools
  • Dante redundancy
  • Clocking
  • Latency
  • Unicast & Multicast
  • Dante Flows
  • Dante Via