WEBINAR: Using Audio-Over-IP to Enhance Productivity in Post-Production

Dec 07, 2017


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Audio-over-IP has become increasingly popular in all types of post-production facilities. The benefits are numerous, from the ability to easily scale channel counts to the flexibility to route audio wherever it’s needed, making these facilities more efficient and productive. In addition, the ability to secure networks in post facilities to secure content has become increasingly important in the wake of recent hacks. 

In this webinar, representatives from Focusrite and Audinate will explore using Audio-over-IP and Dante for increasing productivity in post-production. Items to be covered will be:

  • How to integrate multiple spaces with ease
  • How to easily expand channel counts to scale your facility
  • How to expedite setup reconfiguration
  • How to do real time collaboration without layback
  • How to use Dante Domain Manager to secure and manage your audio network

In addition, Craig Holbrook from Westwind Studios will talk about the innovative ways they are using Dante to connect route audio throughout their post-production facility.