Bringing the full multi-media experience of American NFL Football to the UK, this is the 5th NFL regular season game played at London’s Wembley Stadium.

The Challenge

A comprehensive and capable AV system had to be designed and deployed in order to augment the AV installation at London’s Wembley Stadium.

NFL games incorporate large amounts of media, both inside and outside the stadium. Wembley is designed for soccer matches and contains a much smaller audio and video system than is required for these games.

The greater use of music at an NFL game calls for a different sound system design. A larger number of television cameras, lighting, pyrotechnics and radio communications channels all add to the challenge of staging a “one-off” match that meets the standards of a regular game on the NFL’s home turf.

The Solution

For the fifth consecutive year, London’s Britannia Row Productions provided live audio to the crowd of 86,000 inside Wembley Stadium. Front of House centered around a Yamaha PM5D located next to the home team bench.

Signal distribution around the field was achieved using 14 Dante™ linked Lab Gruppen LM 26 and LM 44 Processors. Because Dante is a true IP-standards based Layer-3 network transport, both audio and control data were easily carried via fiber optic cabling, replacing nearly 2000 meters of heavy analog cabling with a pure, noise-free digital signal path. In addition to reducing noise and bulk, the Dante network solution simplified configuration of the system and lowered costs as well. With Dante there is absolutely no degradation of signal despite the distances involved. 

Benefits and Savings

  • Much lighter, easier to manage, lower cost cabling
  • Much faster control of the entire system for time alignment with the existing installed system
  • Faster setup and teardown time
  • No Degradation in audio quality over long distances
  • “Interference-proof” cable runs
  • Easy to use and reliable