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NetworkedAV TV
Audinate's new video series features interviews with AV professionals and real-world projects that utilize Dante audio networking.

Getting Started with Dante - Training Series
8 high-level, practical videos to help you understand and learn how to setup and use a Dante system

Dante Controller 101 - Watch the Series
10 short videos covering key Dante controller tasks - utilizes the latest Dante Controller interface

The State of Audio Networking
Audio networking authority Roland Hemming presents his researched-based look to the future at Dante AV Networking World 2015

Presentations from Dante AV Networking World 2015 in Orlando
Video of each speaker and downloadable presentations from the premiere audio networking training event associated with InfoComm15

Installing Dante Via on a Windows 10 PC
Customer Support Engineer Brett Begani walks you through the process

The Role of AES67 in Audio Networking and a Dante Environment 
Audinate’s Aidan Williams clarifies the relationship between Dante and AES67, and discusses how AES67 is impacting AVB.

Microsoft Production Studios Dante Adoption Story with John Ball
System Engineer John Ball explains the rise of Dante in the Microsoft world from its introduction for retail to the heart of their corporate broadcast and production infrastructure.

Tradeshow Highlights

Dante at IBC 2015
Broadcast Beat Magazine interviews Audinate at IBC 2015 about manufacturer partnerships, new product announcements, and what Dante networking has to offer

Dante at InfoComm15
Video from AV Interactive, Behringer Audinate and more from InfoComm15 where the theme in the audio hall might as well have been "Dante Everywhere"

Dante at Integrated Systems Europe 2015
Interviews with Audinate CEO Lee Ellison, Audinate VP of Marketing Josh Rush, Bose's Rob Kosman and more

Interviews and New Products at IBC 2014 - Dante Growing in Broadcast

Check out this series of videos from IBC 2014 with Sennheiser, Studer, Sound Devices, AEQ and more.

Dante Via

Dante Via: Make Any Computer A Networked Audio I/O Device

Dante Via transforms Macs and PCs into networked I/O devices. With Dante Via, you can now build a complete, standalone audio system of networked PCs without the need for any dedicated Dante-enabled hardware to be present on the network. Any computer instantly becomes a networked audio I/O device.

Dante Via: CTW interview with Gary Southwell @ InfoComm 2014

Church Tech Weekly interview Gary Southwell (Audinate's VP of Product Management) about Dante Via.

Dante Controller v3.5: Connection to Secondary Network

Best viewed in HD. Dante Controller now allows you to connect to your primary and secondary networks simultaneously - providing full visibility and control over your redundant network, even if a connectivity issue occurs on the primary network. Also new in Dante Controller version 3.5 is the Network Status tab, which displays real-time information about subscription status, network status, latency status and audio bandwidth for all devices on the network.

Dante Controller v3.5: Clock Status Monitoring

Best viewed in HD. New in Dante Controller v3.5, Clock Status Monitoring provides real-time statistics about a device’s clock synchronization performance, enabling the quick and easy resolution of existing and potential clocking issues, before they impact your event or session. Clock Status Monitoring can be left running for a few days to collect long-term performance statistics about your network's clocking configuration.

Dante Controller v3.5: Presets

Best viewed in HD. The Presets system has been completely redeveloped in Dante Controller v3.5, making it easier than ever before to backup, restore, swap, copy and re-use entire network configurations. Offline editing of preset files is now also supported, enabling offline network configuration, and adding full portability to Dante network configurations, even across networks with different hardware components.

Dante Controller v3.5: Latency Monitoring

Best viewed in HD. New in Dante Controller v3.5, Latency Monitoring allows you to view a real-time histogram of latency performance for a device’s subscriptions, enabling low-level latency configuration on a per-device basis. Latency monitoring can be used to determine if device latency settings are optimum and/or if there are issues with switch bandwidth or configuration. Latency Monitoring can be left running for a few days to collect long-term performance stats about your network's latency configuration.

Audinate's Dante is Media Networking Perfected

July 25, 2013

Audinate's Dante Just Works

July 25, 2013

Dante Testimonials

December 2011

Partner Videos


Yamaha DAW Systems "NUAGE": Introduction

In this tutorial, a state-of-the-art post production system by Yamaha and Steinberg called NUAGE is introduced to you by Ashley Shepherd from Hamburg, Germany. He will describe the concept, and also the basic operation of the system.

Yamaha DAW Systems "NUAGE": System Overview

Until now, Yamaha and Steinberg's success in audio post production has been achieved in two separate worlds. Yamaha wanted to change that and that's how they got started creating NUAGE using Audinate’s Dante networking technology.

Yamaha DAW Systems "NUAGE": NUAGE Audio System

The NUAGE system consists of four major components: the hardware controllers; the audio system with analog and digital interfaces; the Dante Accelerator card and the Dante audio network; and of course, NUENDO at its core.

Yamaha DAW Systems "NUAGE": NUENDO

The entire NUAGE audio system is connected together using Audinate's Dante networking technology, which can carry up to 512 audio channels over standard Gigabit Ethernet infrastructure.

Yamaha Digital Mixing Console "QL Series"

Dante Virtual Soundcard

Basic Dante Controller

A guided overview of the functions of Audinate's Dante Controller.

Recording with Dante

This video shows step-by-step instructions for recording with Steinberg's Nuendo 5 and Dante Virtual Soundcard, using the direct outs from a Yamaha Digital Mixing Console.

Label-based routing and card replacement for the Dante-MY16-AUD

Audinate's Dante label-based routing paradigm really helps when you need to replace hardware - this video shows why content-based descriptions for your audio channels and integration with Dante is a very powerful concept.

Virtual Soundcheck with the Dante Virtual Soundcard

This video shows step-by-step instructions on how to undertake a virtual soundcheck using a Yamaha Digital Mixing console, and Dante Virtual Soundcard.


Focusrite RedNet

RedNet is Focusrite's flagship range of modular Ethernet-networked audio interfaces that harnesses the power of Audinate's tried-and-tested Dante digital audio networking system to bring studio quality sound to any modern audio application. 

The Killers use RedNet for live show

Thanks to its flexibility, Focusrite's RedNet technology is being implemented in an amazingly diverse range of applications. From single-unit laptop recording setups to multi-room studio environments, RedNet is a great-sounding, hassle-free and incredibly versatile audio interface system. One of the most innovative RedNet applications is as part of the digital audio systems that run most front-of-house (FOH) PA systems on large tours the world over. One such implementation is in the FOH rig of The Killers' world tour, where a RedNet 1 eight-channel A-D/D-A and RedNet 4 eight-channel mic preamp perform a number of duties for Systems Engineer Philip Reynolds.

RedNet case study - University of West London undertake the world's largest RedNet installation

Founded in 1887, the London College of Music has been a part of the University of West London since 1991. Today it has one of the largest music technology departments of any European educational institution, spread across two sites in Ealing, West London.

RedNet case study - the University of Derby

The University of Derby's Arts, Design and Technology departments are home to a complete sound studio complex that has recently been completely refurbished and re-equipped -- and includes the world's first Focusrite RedNet installation. RedNet is a brand-new audio system that combines Focusrite's legendary experience in mic preamp and digital interface design with the tried and tested Dante system for transferring digital audio via a standard Gigabit Ethernet network. In this video, we talk to the University of Derby's Popular Music Production Subject Leader, John Crossley, about the University's use of RedNet and his experiences with the system.

Southwestern College Choose RedNet for Pro Tools|HD Studio Networking

Two-time Grammy award nominee, Producer/Engineer and Educator, Jay Henry recently specified two RedNet 5 HD interfaces for his course's Pro Tools|HD system, coupled with three RedNet 2 16-channel analogue I/O interfaces for Southwestern College's main recording and satellite mixing rooms.

RedNet at Galaxy Studios

The Cat6 cables built into the walls of the studio take the signal into the control room and into a switch, where the connected RedNet 5 bridges the Dante flows from RedNet to Pro Tools|HD, alongside 3 Digidesign 192 I/O interfaces (these are all synced to the house clock). The RedNet Control software interface is set up on the Mac Pro to control the routing, controlling and configuring RedNet interfaces and then, as the band played, to control the gain of the preamps, reference level, clock source, master clock, and sample rate.

Chris Lord-Alge chooses RedNet

Multi-GRAMMY Award winning Mix Engineer, Chris Lord-Alge chooses RedNet as the sole AD-DA convertors sitting between his Pro Tools|HD™ system and SSL console.

Focusrite Rednet 3 in the home project recording studio

An overview of how the Focusrite Rednet 3 has solved my analogue and digital DAW integration problems (end-user video)

The Molten Guide To Focusrite Rednet

The Focusrite Rednet system can be a bit of a head scratcher, but don't worry, Molten Music Technology is here to lift the lid and take a peek into the murky depths of this Dante based network audio solution thingy.

Focusrite // RedNet supercharges Richie Hawtin's ENTER project

DJ/Producer extraordinaire Richie Hawtin employs the power of RedNet for his ENTER. 


Shure ULX-D Features

Jens Stellmacher from Shure presenting the ULX-D digital wireless microphone system.

Shure ULXD Dual and Quad Setup of Frequency Diversity

This a quick setup of Shure ULXD Dual and Quad Setup of Frequency Diversity.

Shure ULX-D

An introduction to the Shure ULX-D Digital Wireless System.

Shure ULX-D Digital Wireless System: Review

Ron Simonson of CCI Solutions reviews the Shure ULX-D digital wireless system.

Shure SCM820

Shure introduces the new SCM820 Digital Automatic Mixer at InfoComm 2013.

NAB 2013 - Shure SCM820 Automatic Mixer

Shure introduces the new SCM820 Digital Automatic Mixer at InfoComm 2013.


JoeCo Black Box BBR-Dante Multitrack Recorder Overview

August 3, 2012

Jeff Mack from TechRep Marketing presents the JoeCo Black Box BBR64-Dante multitrack recorder, the only 64-track recorder available that only takes up a single rack space. This Black Box handles 64 channels over a DANTE connection.


Yuval presents Kramer's new Dante line at InfoComm 2014.


Audinate / Symetrix

Audinate-Symetrix Webinar April 2014 - Part 1

Landon Gentry, Audinate's Manager of Global Support Services, discusses what is Dante, where it has been, and where it is going. He goes over Dante Controller and the very popular Dante Virtual Soundcard. He also addresses the benefits of a converged network and many of the features and benefits of the Dante solution.

Audinate-Symetrix Webinar April 2014 - Part 2

Symetrix announces a new release of its SymNet Composer open architecture design software for Edge and Radius DanteTM network audio DSPs. In addition to a host of time saving workflow enhancements, Composer 2.0 natively integrates select Dante 3rd party hardware supporting the discovery, signal routing, and other aspects of AtteroTech unDIO2x2 and unDX2IO and Stewart Audio AV25-2 and NetAV 2x2 devices. Composer 2.0 is the only programming environment needed to build a Dante networked system from start to finish, simplifying and speeding initial design, revisions, and troubleshooting.

Audinate-Symetrix Webinar April 2014 - Part 3

In addition to 3rd party Dante device integration, Composer 2.0 offers a number of workflow enhancements. Remote control protocol can be accessed via TCP/IP and TCP/IP string output modules, simplifying integration with control devices and increasing the number of compatible control systems (e.g. projectors). Module input and output names can be automatically propagated to downstream modules, speeding and standardizing the labeling process, and presets can now be created and edited without going off-line. In addition to the 600+ DSP modules already within the Edge and Radius system, a new Transient Suppressor DSP module reduces random transient noise (e.g. pen tapping, silverware clanking) for clearer conference audio. Furthermore, a new "Trace Signal Path Forward" feature now traces through all Dante transmitters and receivers, which significantly reduces the time required to understand, follow, and troubleshoot signal flows within large systems.


How Shure Products Connect using Dante

View on

September 25, 2013

Allen & Heath

Allen & Heath - Audinate Webinar March 2011 - Part 1

Part 1 of the Allen & Heath- Introducing the new M-Dante for iLive card, bringing Dante audio over IP networking to the Allen & Heath line of products.

Allen & Heath - Audinate Webinar March 2011 - Part 2

Introducing the new M-Dante for iLive card, bringing Dante audio over IP networking to the Allen & Heath line of products.

Allen & Heath - Audinate Webinar March 2011 - Part 2

Introducing the new M-Dante for iLive card, bringing Dante audio over IP networking to the Allen & Heath line of products.

Allen & Heath - Audinate Webinar March 2011 - Part 3

Allen & Heath - Audinate Webinar March 2011 - Part 4

Allen & Heath - Audinate Webinar March 2011 - Part 5

Allen & Heath - Audinate Webinar March 2011 - Part 6

Location Sound

Location Sound Presents "Dante Digital Networking On Set"

Location Sound presents a demonstration of Audinate's Dante Network as it interfaces with Dante-enabled devices from pro audio and video manufacturers such as Sound Devices, Lectrosonics, Shure, Yamaha, and Focusrite. Presenters: Michael Paul, LSC's Technical Director, and Landon Gentry, Audinate's Mgr. of Global Support Services. Seminar was held in Burbank, CA on June 22, 2013.