It’s natural for modern, landmark concert venue Benaroya Hall to be used for performances by the Seattle Symphony Orchestra. Specified by Jaffe Holden, it’s fitting that the audio infrastructure be serviced by a Seattle integrator, Carlson Audio Systems. But it’s just that little bit special that a key element of the audio system inventory is made by a Seattle manufacturer: Symetrix.

Benaroya Hall is a purpose-built home for the orchestra, but it also hosts lectures, jazz concerts, rock gigs and guest orchestras, including a recent visit by the London Symphony Orchestra. Its main space is officially called the S Mark Taper Foundation Auditorium, but Taper Auditorium is how everyone here knows it.

Classical, rock or jazz, the audio management of the Hall has been transformed. A re-drawn DSP infrastructure now facilitates an advanced networking solution: a hybrid Dante-CobraNet installation, sharing the common platform of Symetrix’s SymNet scalable audio routing and processing system.