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This is the official Dante Studio Software download page it will always lead to the latest version of the software

Begin a 7 day trial by simply downloading and installing Dante Studio. 

Dante Studio uses a user-based subscription model; licenses are purchased and managed through the app. Users are initially provided with a 7-day trial license, which converts automatically to an annual subscription unless cancelled before the end of the trial period. You will not be charged until after the end of the 7-day trial period and can cancel your subscription anytime.

After downloading and installing, when Dante Studio is launched you’ll be asked to log-in with your account and purchase a license. The PC on which Dante Studio is installed needs to be connected to the Internet so that Dante Studio can connect to the Audinate license server.


Dante Studio for Windows v2.4.0.2

Manage Dante Studio Licenses

Dante Studio licenses are managed within the Dante Studio Application. Launch Dante Studio and click Settings then Manage Subscription to make changes to or cancel your Dante Studio subscription. 

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Audinate’s Support for Inclusive Language

Inclusivity is central to Audinate’s culture and our values include treating each other with respect. We recently developed guidelines on avoiding offensive or disrespectful terminology for our own internal development which we have also distributed to our Dante manufacturers. We are actively updating our software, documentation, web site and training material to remove offensive language, and these changes will occur over the coming weeks and months.