Crestron Control Module for Dante v1.0.2

The Crestron Control Module for Dante allows you to control Dante subscriptions (routing) on Crestron Series 3 or 4 processors that support Crestron Web Services (CWS). It requires the presence of the API for Dante included with Dante Domain Manager v1.5 and higher. 

This package includes modules and a sample project for use in Crestron Simpl Windows v4.2. It provides the following functions: 

  • Device Status  
  • Routing (both Rx and Tx) for: 
    • Mono Audio 
    • Mono Audio + Video 
    • Multi Mono Audio 
    • Multi Mono Audio + Video 
    • Stereo Audio 
    • Stereo Audio + Video 
    • Video 

Please consult Crestron documentation for information about implementing modules in your Crestron products. 

Note: Crestron Control Module for Dante is NOT compatible with Crestron MC3 processors. 

What's New: 
  • N/A (initial release)
  • Dante Domain Manager v1.5 or above
  • Simpl Windows v4.2
  • Series 3 or 4 processors that use CWS (Crestron Web Service)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, June 13, 2023


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Bug Fixes: 
  • N/A (initial release)
Known Issues: 
  • Not supported on MC3 systems


Audinate’s Support for Inclusive Language

To our customers: some of the terminology used in Dante products has been changed to align with modern usage. Specifically, areas related to Dante clocking now refer to “Primary Leader Clock”, “Leader Clocks” and “Follower Clocks” to describe the functions of each role more clearly.