Dante Studio v2.4.0.2 (Windows)

Dante Studio v2.4 introduces a new feature to improve the user experience when AV-H devices connect and disconnect from the network.

This release includes a 7-day free trial, which can be initiated via the application itself. You will not be charged any subscription fees if you cancel the trial within 7 days.

Note: You will need an Audinate account to use Dante Studio. If you don't have one you can register at my.audinate.com/user/register

User Guide

What's New: 
  • Improves the user experience when Dante AV-H devices connect and disconnect from the network, when used with AV-H firmware v1.1 or later.
Supported Platforms: 
Windows 11
Windows 10

General System Requirements

  • Processor: Intel i7 9th generation or better
  • Memory: At least 8 Gigabytes of RAM
  • Network: Standard wired Ethernet network interface (1 Gigabit) or higher.
  • Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) Ethernet interfaces are not supported
  • GPU:
    • Nvidia® GTX1660 or better with latest drivers required for AV Ultra
    • Intel GPU 9th gen or later with latest drivers required for AV-H
    • Using Dante Studio with AV Ultra hardware requires an Nvidia GPU for performant decoding of video
    • Using Dante Studio with AV-H hardware requires an Intel GPU for performant decoding of video
    • Performance will be limited with GPUs from alternative manufacturers
  • Transmitter devices: Dante Studio requires a Dante AV-enabled transmitter (such as a hardware camera, or another computer running Dante Studio) to be present on the Dante network as a Dante video source.

Video Application

Your video application must support the DirectShow interface. Many common video streaming applications (such as vMix, OBS, Teams, Zoom, Panopto) are supported.


Installing Dante Studio

  1. Ensure you are logged on to your PC with administrator privileges.
  2. Double-click the Dante Studio installer.
  3. Read the license text, and if you accept the terms of the agreement, click the 'I Agree...' checkbox. If you do not accept the terms, click Close to terminate the installation.
  4. Click Install.
Release Date: 
Tuesday, January 23, 2024


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Bug Fixes: 
  • N/A
Known Issues: 
  • EN-795: Vertical tearing may occur in the middle of the video during Video Tx to Dante AV Ultra Rx flow. Reducing the Screen Share display resolution may resolve this issue.
  • AV-214: Dante Studio does not allow dynamic changing from DHCP to Link Local addresses. Reboot the PC in Link Local connection to fix.
  • AV-279: Clicking 'Cancel' then 'No' during install leads to an unresponsive installer dialog
  • AV-474: Dante Studio can stop working when other processes take up all available system resources. Check Windows Task Manager to free up CPU/GPU or memory usage and restart the PC to keep using Dante Studio.


Audinate’s Support for Inclusive Language

To our customers: some of the terminology used in Dante products has been changed to align with modern usage. Specifically, areas related to Dante clocking now refer to “Primary Leader Clock”, “Leader Clocks” and “Follower Clocks” to describe the functions of each role more clearly.