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What is Dante AV Networking?

Conference rooms are an ideal place to use Dante AV networkingDante is AV networking technology built by IT people for IT people. Dante transports high quality audio and video signals on a traditional IP network with incredibly low latency, without the need for bespoke AV-specific cabling. Because Dante is built on IP standards by network engineers, it’s easy to deploy and maintain, and takes the hassle out of installing and managing AV equipment. With robust monitoring and user access controls, Dante integrates into your existing IT infrastructure and processes, and keeps your AV systems secure. With over 1700 interoperable products from over 430 manufacturers, it is the de facto standard for networked AV.

Real media networking from real network engineers

Dante’s wide adoption is driven by Audinate’s dedicated engineering team of network experts who see IP as a means to standardizing connectivity between all types of devices, allowing people to easily do more with media. We work with our partners to ensure that Dante is a solid network citizen, thoroughly tested and built entirely on well-implemented standards while meeting the needs of the most demanding AV users. Dante takes the complexity out of point-to-point AV systems and delivers coherent, consistent performance that works like networking should.

AV that works like IT

Dante is designed by networking specialists to be efficient and sensible, with highly predictable behaviors and performance that allow data and AV traffic to easily coexist.

  • Multicast used for discovery (mDNS, DNS-SD) and clocking (IEEE1588)
  • Media transport defaults to UDP unicast, multicast optional for one-to-many connections
  • IGMPv3/v2 support
  • Signals controlled with Dante Controller software or Dante API
  • Fully routable transport with Dante Domain Manager
  • Complete user access control with Dante Domain Manager

Resources to Help You Understand and Manage Dante

Understanding the Role of Dante Domain Manager

Dante Domain Manager software adds network management to Dante networks that enables user authentication, role-based security and audit capabilities, while allowing seamless expansion of Dante systems over any network infrastructure. Dante Domain Manager brings IT best practices to AV, making audio networking more secure, scalable and controllable than ever before.
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Dante Domain Manager screen

Information Sheets

Dante AV-over-IP Overview for IT Professionals cover

Frequently Asked Questions About Networks and Switches

Answers to the most common questions about networks and switches
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Application Diagrams

See how Dante and Dante Domain Manager can simplify and manage AV environments. Audio system diagrams are included for corporate conference rooms (boardrooms), video conferencing rooms, lecture halls, classrooms, small and large houses of worship (such as churches, synagogues, and mosques), hotel and conference center ballrooms/meeting rooms, bars and restaurants, large sports facilities such as stadiums, and live performance applications for both touring shows and the performance venues themselves.
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Case Studies with Dante Domain Manager and other Dante Installations

These case studies show how AV & IT Managers and commercial integrators are leading the industry with Dante Domain Manager.


General Dante Case Studies:

Case Studies in Video and Print

Articles on AV Networking

Stay up-to-date with these published articles on the current and future state of AV networking.

Audio networking thought leadership article


Audinate has a wide selection of videos to help you explain what Dante Domain Manager is, how it works, and who's using it. The Case Studies include testimonials from a medical center, a zoo and aquarium, a stadium and a large performing arts center.

Product Videos

 - Dante Domain Manager Overview Watch  
 - Benefits for IT Managers Watch  
 - Benefits for Integrators Watch  
Dante Domain Manager Video

Look Inside Dante Domain Manager

 - Creating Domains Watch  
 - Adding Users to Domains Watch  
 - Enrolling Devices into Domains Watch  
 - The Dashboard: Monitoring & Auditing Watch  
Dante Domain Manager - Adding Users (video thumbnail)

Case Studies with Dante Domain Manager

These video case studies show how AV & IT Managers and commercial integrators are leading the industry with Dante Domain Manager. See individual listings above  
Braintrust Case Study

NetworkedAV TV

Audinate's video series features interviews with AV professionals and real-world projects that utilize Dante audio networking. View series on Audinate.com
NetworkedAV TV

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