Live Sound

Target Field hosts Minnesota Twins baseball and many other events for 39,000+ people. Learn how Dante and Dante Domain Manager provide amazing audio throughout the massive stadium while keeping it more secure, scalable and manageable than ever before.

Formerly a silent movie venue when it was constructed in 1926, Shea's Buffalo Theatre just completed an extensive, 18-year, $20 million restoration project that included a comprehensive audio systems refurbishment. The main sound system -- and an additional lobby system where none existed before -- is now Dante-enabled with the use of unobtrusive Attero Tech audio wall plates and a BSS DSP. By using a single Cat5 cable, the theatre was able to eliminate a lot of wiring, termination, conduit, and labor, saving money in the process.

In service since 1914, the Crystal Ballroom is a historic buliding located in downtown Portland, Oregon. Now a live music venue for approximately 1,500 standing customers, the ballroom itself attracts many famous live acts yearly. With the help of a brand new Bose Professional ShowMatch system and Dante audio networking, the buliding's audio system has never sounded better.

Finest Hotel Playa Mujeres is part of a resort chain that provides luxury accommodation, fine dining and other services that create perfect vacation experiences in the Mexican Caribbean. In order to create an extraordinary customer experience, Finest Hotel wanted to install a top-notch entertinment and premier sound system. Working alongside Bose Professional, integrators Estel Engineering designed a digital audio network protocol based on Dante that could easily span the 300 meter distance between hotel buildings.

Faced with the task of upgrading five ten-person conference rooms in CenturyLink's Lousiana-based headquarters, AV installer/designer Singularity Technologies initially sought out Dante and the Attero Tech unD4I-L to reduce wiring requirements to one CAT5 cable. However, integrating Dante went above and beyond by saving them time and simplifying the installation process.

Two of Sun Valley Community Church's five campuses in Gilbert, Arizona recently underwent extensive audio system upgrades to better serve their 8,000 regular attendees and the performers on stage. These upgrades hinged on the KLANG:fabrik audio-mixing system, which integrated seamlessly with the DiGiCo SD8 and SD21 at either campuses and Dante as the common denomenator.

Home of the NBA Thunder basketball team, Oklahoma City’s 581,000-square-foot Chesapeake Energy Arena recently installed a new sound reinforcement system. Seeking sound clarity and coverage as well as system flexibility for an arena that seats more than 19,000 is no easy task, but with Dante providing control and signal routing between the new mixing system, existing DSP, and the Anya loudspeaker arrays via standard Ethernet, the new system couldn't be simpler.

As a four-year public university offering 64 degree programs to more than 5,500 students, Governors State University (GSU), in University Park, IL, has an intensive video mission that encompasses producing thousands of hours of video for media programs and video libraries on behalf of such high-profile publishers as the American Psychological Association. 

To support his new album Children of God, contemporary Christian musician and singer/songwriter Phil Wickham hit the road on tour across North America. The tour's monitor engineer/production manager and front of house engineer/tour manager used Dante-enabled Yamaha CL5 digital audio consoles for a majority of the successful tour.

Home to NBA's Miami Heat and more than 80 various live events annually, the versatile AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami, Florida has been at the forefront of state-of-the-art audio-visual technology for over 15 years. With the completion of the brand new Xfinity Plaza, a 23,000 square foot, outdoor entertainment venue on the east side of the AmericanAirlines Arena, the challenge of installing an AV system that provided the best possible directional sound coverage and quality under a very tight deadline was answered with Dante audio networking.

The flexible SSL Network I/O: SDI was recently selected as the core component for broadcasting the 66th FIFA World Congress in Mexico City. Consulting company Evident Productions chose the SSL Network I/O: SDI for its versatility in embedding, de-embedding, and distribution--and it utilizes a Dante Audio-Over-IP network as the source. The project required significant system improvements for the FIFA Congress itself, and involved the challenge of providing the feeds to over 20 international broadcast networks covering the event.

Ministry of Sound(ロンドン)は、Harman社の最新機器およびディストリビューションネットワークを保有する会社であり、このたびSound Technologyの提供によりSoundcraft Vi3000およびRealtime Rackプラグインエンジンへとアップグレードしました。

「Si2コンソールも優れたパフォーマンスを誇るものでしたが、もっと表示が見やすく、様々なエンジニアがすぐに快適に使用できるようなプラットフォームを求めていました」と、Ministry of Soundプロダクションマネージャー、Chris Thoms氏は述べています。「Vi3000はサイズに見合った機能を備えています。そしてStuderの技術による音質は素晴らしいものです」

Realtime Rackプラグインエンジンは、Vi3000に装備されているMADIインターフェイスに直接接続が可能。さらに専用のBSS BLU-Linkカードをコンソールに接続することで、コンソールとBSS Soundweb Londonオーディオネットワークの間での32 x 32デジタルインターフェイスを実現しました。Soundweb LondonはHarman Professionalが提供するオーディオプラットフォームであり、Danteに対応したBLU-806プロセッシングへとアップグレードされています。


スペースが限られているため、クルーズ客船のエリアは多機能であることが不可欠です。船の規模が大きくなると共に、必要とされる帯域幅も大きくなるため、ファイバーベースの技術の導入はますます重要になってきています。AudinateによるDanteなど、より高速なネットワーク用の新しいプロトコルの開発により、施設間での双方向オーディオディストリビューションを容易に導入できるようになってきました。   TUI CruisesにとってDanteは、求めていた柔軟性をネットワークにもたらしてくれた、価値ある投資でした。

ヨーロッパにおいて多くの注目を集めるイベント、ユーロビジョンでの受賞以来、Mans Zelmerlöwは現在のアルバム、Perfectly Damagedのリリースに合わせてヨーロッパ内外のツアーを計画中です。 Mackie DL32R iPad®コントロールのデジタルミキサーでのフロント・オブ・ハウスおよびモニターはMeyer Production SwedenのSebastian Meyer氏が担当しました。Danteを経由した2つミキサーによるネットワークは、5ピースバンドのミックスに強力にサポートします。

West Jordan High School, a public institution located southwest of Salt Lake City, has vastly increased audio quality and optimized flexibility in its main auditorium with a new multi-vendor Dante audio networked solution from Audinate.  Since installing the Dante network, West Jordan High School has enhanced the way it can produce musical concerts, public assemblies and special events for its guests and more than 2,000-strong student body, which includes the largest choir program of any Utah public school.

Since opening its doors for the first time in 2011, the Chill Skybar has become one of the most popular leisure destinations in Vietnam’s largest city. But a persistent issue with noise spillage meant that its audio specification was ultimately deemed to be inadequate – hence the decision to enlist locally-based AV firm DesignLive Technologies to undertake an upgrade.


ライブツアー業界をリードするサウンドスペシャリストRat Soundは、今年春に開催されたコーチェラ・ヴァレー・ミュージック・アンド・アーツ・フェスティバルと、それに続くステージコーチ・フェスティバルにて、AudinateによるDanteオーディオネットワークを導入しました。750 x 1200フィートという広大なエリアをカバーするため、会場内には21箇所のディレイ・ポジション(ステージから遠い観客に音を届けるための補助スピーカー)が設けられました。「各ディレイ・ポジションに間違いなく良い音を届けるPAを迅速に設置しなければならない」この課題に直面したRat SoundはDanteネットワークを選びました。 

The bar for the recent audio processing installation at Marriott’s prestigious Edition Hotel, located in the heart of New York City’s Flatiron district, was undoubtedly set relatively high. Not only did it need to cater to regular DJ sets, it had to accommodate a variety of background music and announcement applications – all with flawless reliability and consistent sound quality.

The Center for the Arts at Virginia Tech presents programs that transform lives through exploration and engagement with the arts and the creative process. A significant part of this experience is The Cube, a unique, four-story, state-of-the-art Theater and high tech laboratory that serves multiple platforms of creative practice by faculty, students, and guest artists and researchers from around the world.

The Teenage Cancer Trust (TCT) celebrated 15 years of their show stopping live performance week at London’s Royal Albert Hall with a high profile line up. West London based rental specialist Entec Sound & Light has been involved as the audio supplier for the event right from the start, and over the years has fine-tuned the sound system to perfection for this prestigious venue. This year, for the first time, Entec distributed signal via its new Dante network.

Benaroya Hall is a purpose-built home for the Seattle Symphony Orchestra, but it also hosts lectures, jazz concerts, rock gigs and guest orchestras. The Hall's recently re-drawn DSP infrastructure now facilitates an advanced networking solution: a hybrid Dante-CobraNet installation, sharing the common platform of Symetrix’s SymNet scalable audio routing and processing system.

コーポレートやエンターテイメントイベントプロデュースのスペシャリストであるAV Conceptsは、クライアントに素晴らしいイベントを届けるため、絶えず最先端の技術と創造性を求めています。常に枠を超えて新しい技術を活用してきたAV Conceptsにとって、ネットワーク上においてオーディオ、ビデオ、そして照明を集中管理できるテクノロジーは、観衆を魅了する体験を提供し、さらなるレベルのビジネスを目指す上で重要な役割を担っています。 

The world famous 12th and Porter music club located in Nashville, TN has a long-standing reputation as one of America’s legendary venues for live music. Thousands of musicians and bands have played the venue, and new ownership plans for thousands more in the future with major upgrades to return the famous venue to its premiere status after years of losing shows to other venues with recent sound system upgrades. 

The Gravesend Inn is a popular “Haunted Hotel” attraction at the Voorhees Theatre in Brooklyn, New York. New York City College of Technology professors’ John Huntington and Bruce Ellman have supervised the sound design and operation since 2008, and they have most recently found a way to move uncompressed, multi-channel, low-latency digital audio across the standard Ethernet network built within the Voorhees Theatre.

ウェンブリー・スタジアム (ロンドン) はサッカーの試合用に設計された会場であるため、 アメリカンNFLフットボールを開催するにはAVシステムが不足していました。  マルチメディアを駆使したアメリカンNFLフットボールを 英国にて実現するため、音楽、多くのテレビカメラ、照明、 花火 、無線コミニケーションチャンネルが使用できるようなカスタム設計されたシステムが必要とされていました。

Founded in 1968, The Alliance Theatre at Woodruff Arts Center remains closely tied to the cultural identity of Atlanta, growing as the city has grown. The theatre strives to set the highest artistic standards and create the powerful experience of shared theatre for a diverse audience. Looking to the raise the theatre's audio systems standards, Resident Sound Designer Clay Benning sought out Dante.

The Sydney Opera House is one of the most famous opera houses in the world. As the site for the world premiere of the highly anticipated Paramount Pictures Star Trek film, the opera house faced the challenge of distributing pristine quality audio for the 1500 people present. The solution included an 80 speaker surround sound system that transported sound on Dante from the digital cinema projectors through a complex network of Cisco switches and amps.

For the tour of Oasis, world-famous rock band from Manchester, UK, Brittania Row Productions needed a high quality digital networking solution that could offer sample-accurate synchronization and sub-millisecond latency to distribute professional quality audio across the whole venue. They found that solution in Dante. 

The Pope was conducting a Mass for 400,000 people at Randwick Racetrack during World Youth Day. The system required long runs between the 70 speaker towers and the front of house. The challenge was to build a cost effective audio networking solution that eliminated the ambient noise typically introduced by long cable runs. With limited set-up time, the designer wanted an easy to setup for a massive audience and deliver a high quality audio experience to everyone in attendance.